The Effects Of Using Vinegar In Your Bathroom
Got an old bottle of vinegar sitting around? Well, you just so happen to have a chemical free, all natural powerhouse of a cleaning solution on your hands! Does this sound far fetched? We have two experiments for you to try that will blow your mind!

First and foremost, what is vinegar? Vinegar is any type of fermented alcoholic liquid, literally translating from the Old French as 'sour wine.' Vinegar can be made from a multitude of ingredients, such as grapes, fruits, berries, beer, potatoes and grains.

And while vinegar has been utilized for a number of interesting purposes, here at Survley, we put our vinegar to the test as an all natural cleaning solution!

The Effects Of Using Vinegar In Your Bathroom
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Cleaning With Vinegar
You will need the following:
— a dirty toilet
— a dirty mirror
— distilled white vinegar
— water
— a spray bottle
— protective gloves
— paper towels


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