This Woman Took Seven Pregnancy Tests Before Doctors Found Out the Terrifying Truth
Everyone knows that medical misdiagnoses are no small matter, and can cause great pain, stress and anxiety. But what happens when the misdiagnoses involves multiple pregnancy scares and an abnormal growth?

Louise Bryant was a happy, healthy twenty-five year old woman.

She lived in Britain and enjoyed relatively good health - that is, until she began to experience strange, inexplicable bleeding and intense abdominal cramps.

When she approached her doctor with the odd symptoms, she was sent for a pregnancy test. And another. And another!

Louise was made to take no less than seven pregnancy tests, before her doctors finally discovered the true cause of her symptoms. And Louise couldn't be more shocked to find out the underlying condition behind her frightening and debilitating pain.

Would you like to find out exactly what happened to Louise, and why? Be prepared for a story that will amaze you!

Click NEXT to discover the series of strange and amazing events Louise was put through on her medical journey!
This Woman Took Seven Pregnancy Tests Before Doctors Found Out the Terrifying Truth
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Louise worked as an operator for the Police in Maidstone, Kent, a small town about half an hour from London.

She was in seemingly good health until March of 2014 when she started to experience some strange symptoms which included bleeding that had nothing to do with her period and occasional sharp pains in her lower abdomen.


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