12 Examples of Chic New Nail Designs
Nail art has gone from just being a daring coat of red polish to being the most incredible art work imaginable. 20 years ago you would have never thought there could be actual art work done on the surface of a fingernail but prepare to be amazed. The talented and creative individuals that paint and design these intricate works of art deserve some definite recognition.

From the ombre trend to the zig zags created by using small strips of tape, there are always nail trends coming and going. What could you possibly have never seen before? It's all been done...or has it? See for yourself the work created by extraordinarily talented people. These people have used nail art to develop and create intriguing masterpieces. Their art work tells entire stories and gives the stories an entirely new dimension.

If you are curious to see these mind-blowing nails, click NEXT to go forward and enjoy!
Once Upon A Time..
Romance and love led the way..

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