5 Greatest Historical Mysteries Yet To Be Solved
The world as we know it is replete with mystery. Sometimes, even within our own relatively short lives, we find something that happened to us or that we witnessed that has remained mind boggling over the years without any satisfying explanation.

However, there are some mysteries that have boggled the entire human race and not only for a lifetime but sometimes for whole centuries. Some of these mysteries don’t even look that they will be solved anytime soon, as there is no new information forthcoming that might have helped reveal anything new.

Mysteries are fun stuff. They keep the human mind in a constant sense of wonder. They are like magic tricks. The fun in them is in not knowing how the trick is performed. Once the mystery is solved, the wonder disappears.

Click NEXT to see five of the world’s longest mind-boggling mysteries of all time.
5 Greatest Historical Mysteries Yet To Be Solved
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The Bermuda Triangle
The Bermuda triangle is the closest thing to a black hole in old times as it is rumored to suck in ships which are to be found never again. Even aircraft flying over the area are said to report their equipment malfunctioning wildly as a result of the strange phenomenon. The points of the Bermuda triangle are Miami in the U.S., San Juan in Puerto Rico and Bermuda, a cluster of islands off the east shore of North America. Even though some of the details regarding this phenomenon may have been exaggerated, there is still no plausible explanation for it.

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