5 of the Most Feared Creatures in the Sea
You have probably learnt to fear the great white shark. It is, by far, the most recognizable shark because of its celebrity status as the badass of the sea. To be fair, and to avoid the contempt that breeds from familiarity, the great white is a monster to be avoided at all costs. It is, however, not the only animal that you should beware of at sea.

They range from sharks to mammals, rays and even just plain, harmless-looking fish. Some don't even kill you out of malice or in search for food. You simply happened to be at the wrong time at the wrong place. Nothing personal. When's your funeral again?

This is especially the case for those who go around touching everything. To live long at sea, you not only have to be on the lookout, you need to keep your hands, fingers and feet to yourself.

5 of the Most Feared Creatures in the Sea
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The Great White Shark
Ok, let's get this one out of the way upfront. The males are about twice the length of a grown man. The females are bigger, about 3 times the length of a tall man and weighing 10 times as much. If it attacks you deep in the sea, you have very few chances of survival.
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