This 6-Year-Old Girl Calls The Cops On Her Step-dad But Could Never Have Imagined What He'd Do To The Baby
There's no excuse for domestic violence or child abuse. Ever. It's simply not something that we, as a society, can
condone. Unfortunately, so many instances of domestic violence go unreported, because those that suffer at the hands of their violent oppressors are often so terrified to reach out that they suffer in silence for years.

We have here an instance of domestic violence that impacted one young woman's life irreparably. When she was just six years old, she was forced to call the police on her step-father, who was in one of his violent rages. He was attacking anyone that crossed his path, and this was no isolated incident.

Young Lisa had to take action. Already, there had been a staggering 23 cases of child abuse reported in her home. Why she and her siblings weren't removed from the home is truly astonishing.
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