With the Canon Print Inkjet application, you'll be able to scan and print documents from your Android device. All you'll need to do is to connect to your local device from this application, you'll then be able to access all of the benefits of the application. You'll be able to scan documents on your device, then send them directly to your printer. The same goes for printing images from your phone, just select what you want to print and then send it to the device. Alongside this, you'll also be able to print out a range of templates from the Canon application. These will let you create weekly and monthly cart plans and stay on top of everything in your life, both personal and professional.

QR & Barcode Scanner


The QR app is a versatile tool that allows users to scan, generate, and interact with QR codes. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes that store information that can be quickly scanned and decoded using a smartphone's camera. With the QR app, users can effortlessly scan QR codes to access various types of information, such as website links, contact details, product information, and more. The app also enables users to generate their own QR codes, providing a convenient way to share information or promote businesses and events. Additionally, the QR app may offer features like history tracking, allowing users to revisit previously scanned codes, and customization options to personalize generated QR codes with colors and logos. With its user-friendly interface and practical functionality, the QR app simplifies the process of scanning and creating QR codes, making it a valuable tool for everyday use.

DoorDash - Driver


With an increase in simple and easy ways to make money, it’s no surprise that side hustles are all the rage! Join thousands of savvy entrepreneurs as they make money using their vehicles in their spare time with the DoorDash Driver app. The DoorDash Driver app provides the flexibility and freedom to work whenever you want, wherever you want. All you need is access to a car, van, bike, or scooter. Being your own boss has never been easier – sign up to become a driver with DoorDash and choose your own hours to suit your schedule. With locations worldwide, you can work on your doorstep in your local neighbourhood or travel further afield to earn as much money as possible. With millions of people ordering food with DoorDash, you’ll start earning money in no time at all.

Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards: Your Opinions Matter, Earn Rewards for Them! Welcome to Google Opinion Rewards, the innovative app that values your opinions and rewards you for sharing them! This user-friendly app offers a unique opportunity for you to influence the future of Google products and services while earning rewards. Simply download the app, and begin receiving short surveys regularly. These surveys are designed to be quick and easy, usually taking less than a minute to complete. Each survey you complete earns you credit in the form of Google Play or PayPal, depending on your region. The topics vary, covering everything from your favorite kinds of foods to your thoughts on technological advancements. Your responses help Google better understand consumer preferences and trends. The beauty of Google Opinion Rewards lies in its simplicity and efficiency. You're notified whenever a new survey is available, and there's no obligation to participate.



Experience seamless connectivity on-the-go with the T-Mobile app, your digital companion in the realm of telecommunications. A universe where managing plans, tracking data usage, and ensuring optimal coverage becomes as intuitive as a touch. With T-Mobile’s legacy of quality service and innovation, the app further simplifies your telecommunication journey, making everything from bill payments to live support accessible in an instant. User-centric by design, its interface caters to both the tech-savvy and the tech-averse, ensuring a smooth experience for all. In a world dominated by digital interactions, T-Mobile app is more than just a utility – it's a testament to T-Mobile’s commitment to bridging distances and ensuring constant connectivity. Dive into an all-in-one platform where convenience meets innovation.



myMetro is the quintessential application for those seeking a seamless and efficient way to manage their Metro by T-Mobile account. Designed with user experience in mind, myMetro boasts an intuitive interface that simplifies every aspect of account management, from viewing your current plan details to adjusting your services according to your changing needs. At the heart of myMetro lies its core functionality - the ability to effortlessly pay your bill. The app offers multiple payment options, ensuring convenience for all users. Whether you prefer to pay immediately or schedule payments for a later date, myMetro accommodates your preferences with just a few taps. This feature is complemented by detailed billing information, allowing you to track your spending and data usage with ease. Beyond bill payments, myMetro empowers users to tailor their mobile experience.

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