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  • Chicken Fajita Sc only $5.99
  • Kretschmar Off The Bone Chicken only $6.98
  • Dads Chicken Breast Herb And Garlic Sc only $2.99
  • Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet Paper, 6 Mega Rolls only $5.98
  • St Louis Style Ribs only $3.99
  • Ken's Steak House® Creamy Caesar Dressing 16 fl oz. Bottle only $1.98
  • Jumbo Muffins only $0.75
  • Terra® Original Sea Salt Real Vegetable Chips 6.8 oz. Bag only $3.69
  • Farmland Braunschweiger Chubs only $2.99
  • Purex® Dirt Lift Action® Natural Elements® Linen only $6.99

and many more.

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Festival Foods Promotional weekly ads

Promotional weekly ads

Weekly ad Festival Foods 04/24/2024 - 04/30/2024
Festival Foods
Apr 24, 2024 - Apr 30, 2024
Weekly ad Festival Foods 04/17/2024 - 04/23/2024
Festival Foods
Apr 17, 2024 - Apr 23, 2024
Weekly ad Festival Foods 04/10/2024 - 04/16/2024
Festival Foods
Apr 10, 2024 - Apr 16, 2024
Weekly ad Festival Foods 04/03/2024 - 04/09/2024
Festival Foods
Apr 3, 2024 - Apr 9, 2024

Featured offers

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Weekly ad H-Mart - CHINESE(NJ) Dec 29, 2024 - Jan 4, 2025
Dec 29, 2024 - Jan 4, 2025

Festival Foods - Store

Festival Foods is a family-owned company managing several stores throughout Wisconsin. The company focuses on serving families while ensuring that they enjoy maximum satisfaction with the services it offers. Most Festival Foods retail stores in the United States are located in Wisconsin, totaling 39 stores. Since its establishment, Festival Foods has offered families excellent options. The grocery company offers a wide selection of products throughout its retail stores in the United States.

Festival Foods - History

Festival Foods' first store was founded in Onalaska in 1990 to provide quality food products in the region. Following its opening, Festival Foods expanded to other areas, including Eau Claire, Holmen, Marshfield, Oshkosh, and Green Bay. Festival Foods now operate 39 stores across Wisconsin. To enhance customer satisfaction and shopping experience, Festival Foods has continued to evaluate customer purchasing habits.

Festival Foods - Promotions

Coupons are available to customers shopping at Festival Foods to shop coupon items, earn rewards, and redeem points. Festival Foods offers weekly ads and in-store ad. Using coupons is a bit different on Festival Foods as no clipping is required. Customers can access all the discount offers when they scan the barcode on the weekly ads available on Festival Foods. Festival Foods also makes coupons available on social media platforms, including Twitter, Mobile Club, Facebook, and more.

Festival Foods - News

Festival Foods has enhanced its technology to achieve productive and affordable retail promotions. To promote quality products in the retail markets, Festival Foods will optimize its promotional channels. While Festival Foods focuses on improving its current technology, it is centered on securing maximum satisfaction and an incredible shopping experience. The innovative store is targeting several merchandise and marketing supply chain by creating a coordinated retail value chain.

Festival Foods - More Information

More than ever, Festival Foods is impacting on the several communities it serves. It is participating in area events to be more involved with the community. Also, Festival Foods associates are responsible for taking action to ensure that customers always have a reason to come back to shop. Festival Foods is not only seeking to grow, it is also committed to serving and impacting the communities and families they serve positively.

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