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This week's best offers:

  • Choco Boy Big Size 5.07oz(144g) only $2.99
  • Gompyo Korean Pancake Mix 2.2lb(1kg) only $3.99
  • Sliced Pickled Radish 2.2lbs(1kg) only $3.49
  • Dadam Beef Bone Stock Soup 3.52oz(100g) (20g x 5ea) only $6.49
  • Sesame Leaves in Spicy Sauce 2.4oz(70g) only $4.49
  • Sliced Rice Cakes 2.2lb(1kg) only $3.99
  • Ginger Tea with Honey 2.2lb(1kg) only $8.99
  • Pororo Apple Flavor Juice Drink 7.95 fl.oz(235ml) only $1.99
  • Bamboo Chopsticks (Black Line) 5 Set only $1.99
  • Premium Roasted Seaweed Green Laver 0.15oz(4.25g) 8 Packs only $4.99
  • Koimo Sweet Potato 6ea (3lb) only $8.49
  • Carbo Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen 4.5oz(130g) 5 Packs only $5.99

and many more.

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H-Mart Promotional weekly ads

Promotional weekly ads

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H-Mart - Store

H-Mart is an American grocery chain run by the Hanahreum Group, with its main office in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. The biggest Asian grocery store company in the United States, H Mart, targets Asian-American customers and specializes in items with an Asian flair. The store offers premium goods in addition to groceries and daily necessities. For a full complement to a standard supermarket's entire variety of products, H Mart offers a comprehensive line of Asian goods and a wide selection of Western products.

H-Mart - History

H-Mart opened its first store in Woodside, Queens, New York City, in 1982. The company opened 10 new stores between 1982 and 1991, largely in the Northeastern United States. The business established its first location in Falls Church, Virginia, in 1997. The chain's current headquarters were inaugurated on October 19, 1998, in Lyndhurst, Bergen County, New Jersey, the American county with the biggest proportion of Korean citizens. H-Mart has 84 stores in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Colorado, and Georgia, among many others.

H-Mart - Promotions

Discounts, promotion codes, special offers, and saving offers are available in all H-Mart stores. The store offers weekly ads with the latest deals to help you save. H-Mart hosts weekly sales events, serving the single objective of giving customers access to the best offers and top-selling products of the week.

H-Mart - News

With several locations across the United States, H-Mart continues to expand as it records over four store acquisitions in 2022. The well-known Asian grocery chain H-Mart is scheduled to open a supermarket in Long Island City soon. The grocer began in Woodside and now runs many locations nationwide, including six in New York City. H-Mart continues to make Asian cuisine more easily accessible.

H-Mart - More Information

H-Mart sells Korean goods, but they also make the challenging effort to satisfy a range of Asian-American communities with various interests and buying inclinations. To dispel the myth that Asian foods are dirty and outdated, the stores were spotless, contemporary, and simple to browse. According to customer statistics, consumers are lured to the variety and freshness of more widely available vegetables, seafood, and meat.

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