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  • T-Bone Steaks only $8.99/lb.
  • Pork Rib Chops only $3.99/lb.
  • Cauliflower only $1.69/lb.
  • Navel Oranges only $1.99/lb.
  • Oroweat Bread 2 for only $5
  • Wild Mike’s Pizza only $5.99
  • Wave Soda 6-Pack only $6.49
  • Bigelow Tea 2 for only $6
  • Tortilla Chips only $1.69
  • Propel Water 10 for only $10
  • Franz Bagels only $3.19
  • Unreal Candy only $5.29

and many more.

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Haggen Promotional weekly ads

Promotional weekly ads

Weekly ad Haggen 02/28/2024 - 03/05/2024
Feb 28, 2024 - Mar 5, 2024
Weekly ad Haggen 02/14/2024 - 02/27/2024
Feb 14, 2024 - Feb 27, 2024
Weekly ad Haggen 01/31/2024 - 02/14/2024
Jan 31, 2024 - Feb 14, 2024
Weekly ad Haggen 01/03/2024 - 01/16/2024
Jan 3, 2024 - Jan 16, 2024

Featured offers

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Haggen - Store

Located in Washington State, Haggen is a chain of grocery retail stores that operates 15 locations, mostly in the Seattle-Tacoma areas. Haggen carries grocery products for everyone, including produce, dairy, deli, frozen foods, pantry items and more. In addition, Haggen offers services such as floral, pharmacy, lottery, photography processing, sending money and more.

Haggen - History

Getting its start in 1933, Haggen began as a family-owned business in downtown Bellingham, Washington, called Economy Food Store. Growing into a larger location, adding an in-store bakery, and getting a new name, The White House Grocery, was part of Haggen’s story. Eventually moving to Haggen’s Thriftway, and then just to Haggen’s the grocery store has been a part of the Western Washington landscape for many years as the chain grew in the 1960s and 1970s. By 2016, the chain was purchased by Albertsons.

Haggen - Promotions

Haggen offers its customers access to a weekly promotional ad to help them save on hundreds of items in the store. In addition, Haggen customers can sign up for ‘Haggen for U’ which allows them to get personalized offers as well as rewards on gas, groceries and other perks. The store also has the Haggen Deals & Rewards App, which makes shopping that much easier and more convenient, with weekly discounts up to $300.

Haggen - News

As news of a merger between Albertsons and Kroger emerges in 2022, some customers are asking questions. Haggen customers are wondering how this will impact their grocery shopping experiences going forward. With 15 stores from Olympia to Ferndale, Washington, the expectation is that Haggen’s legacy and history in the area might remain as they are for some time, but could eventually be renovated into different stores that resemble Kroger.

Haggen - More Information

The Haggen Foundation operates as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping in their local community. Organizing volunteers and helping with donations, the group is dedicated to reducing food scarcity and hunger in their neighborhoods. The Haggen Foundation is part of the national Albertsons Companies Foundation.

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