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Check the current Vallarta online Weekly Ad and don’t miss the best deals from this week's Ad!

This week's best offers:

  • Fresh Beef Carne Asada Taco Meat PICADO DE RES PARA TACOS only $3.99/lb
  • Central American Tamales only $0.99
  • Flan Napolitano only $12.79
  • FUD Cocido or Bar S Pork Ham/JAMÓN DE PUERCO only $2.00/lb
  • Beef Shank/CHAMORRO DE RES FRESCO only $2.59
  • Chicken Leg Meat/BISTEC DE POLLO MARINADO Y REGULAR FRESCO only $1.92/lb
  • Golden Ripe Bananas/PLÁTANOS only $1.50
  • Bimbo Soft Bread only $1.89
  • Jubilee Bath Tissue only $7.00
  • Frutero Ice Cream only $3.99
  • Kraft American Singles only $5.49
  • White Claw, Truly Spiked or Topo Chico Hard Seltzers only $15.99

and many more!

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Vallarta Promotional weekly ads

Promotional weekly ads

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Vallarta - Store

Vallarta Supermarkets is an American chain of supermarkets that offers a Mexican themed experience with many goods sourced from Latin American countries. With a much wider range of imported cheeses, canned goods, candy and more, the offerings at Vallarta serve a wider community and show appreciation for expanding cultures. Plus, fresh made tortillas, and a La Cocina kitchen mean delicious hot food anytime.

Vallarta - History

Founded in 1985 by a Mexican émigré, Vallarta Supermarkets got their start in Van Nuys, California. The store was originally called Carniceria Vallarta, which means ‘butcher’s shop’, but the name was eventually changed to Vallarta Supermarkets. Focusing on selling traditional cuts of meat that were popular in his native Mexico, founder Enrique Gonzalez Sr. worked toward the best quality along with friendly customer service. The business soon expanded to new locations within California and today there are more than 50 stores.

Vallarta - Promotions

Weekly specials at Vallarta supermarkets bring all sorts of discounts and deals for customers. Customers can access specials online or get them emailed directly to their inbox each week. Sales may include deals such as produce at 3 for $1 or meats at $1.99 per pounds. Other deals may come from holiday and seasonal promotions with prizes like a $50 store gift card, tickets to the Hollywood Bowl, or even a Mariachi song dedication!

Vallarta - News

Vallarta Supermarkets offer all sorts of interesting events for their communities and their customers. For instance, Summer 2022 brought a tasty summer grilling event where customers can enjoy freshly grilled meats of the highest quality. The Vallarta Go delivery service allows for delivery directly to the home or office.

Vallarta - More Information

Vallarta is working hard towards sustainability. Since 2019, they have implemented an energy efficient program which allowed for a 15% reduction of electricity across most of the stores. In addition, the Vallarta Zero Waste program has diverted 33% of trash through composting and recycling.

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